Real Conclusions

Do I share a kinship with other felines? The leopard says no, the human says yes.

I'm just me, either fucked and angry, or happy and playful. Therianthropy IS not special, IS not cool, and it damn well isn't a lot of fun. I HATE it right now. I have a tail and a muzzle and a nature that contradicts itself in some places.

No one cares. Whoever is reading this doesn't care, and I don't really care either. I'm just trying to get rid of the bull that clogs up my head. This makes no sense. I don't deny it. But...

Well, I'm feline and I'm human, and I'm maybe barking up the wrong tree. Maybe I'm not a cat. Do I want to be one? Yeah, I think I do. Because I think I am. I have an identity. I've been constantly rearranging my beliefs for a while now. One thing has stayed with me: that I'm a cat. I believe I'm a cat-human mix. Is that therianthropy? Is that even right? I'm Quil, I'm searching, I feel feline. I'm in the yes-I-certainly-feel-I'm-a-leopard-but-I-still-need-to-research-a-lot stage right now.

Are there really any conclusions?


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