The Need for Research

When I look around at the many forums, chatrooms and websites that form the so-called were community, I have noticed the lack of research. On screens with blinding purple and black color schemes, it seems people will accept ignorance. Lazy "therians" ask what a polywere is, or cry haplessly, "What animal am I?" What do I say? They need to look it up.

If you are an animal person and you are reading this, think. Have you scoured the Internet, the library, and your own mind to find information on the animal you are? I find that some "weres" know nothing about their supposed soul. "Oh, oh, I'm a w0lf! W0lves are alone and their relly l0n3ly all the time! Thay live in jungullss, isn't that kewl!11111one11!!1!" It's pathetic.

Therianthropy needs more research, and I say that in honesty. The greymuzzles as well as newbies need to scan themselves inside and out. Because, really, how can you say you're a shark when you've only read a couple of books and 25 webpages?

People need to clear out all the clichés that surround their animals. Certain untrue myths about certain animals persist. If you say you're an owl, do you think you are wise? Or have you actually researched all the personality traits of the owl and found that they suit you?

And if you're not a therian, it's okay. Really. You can still be an awesome person. You can still shapeshift, you can still love animals. In fact, therianthropy is not the best thing in the world.

Just keep studying. Keep learning. Keep pouncing or meowing or howling or whatever it is you do. But research.


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