"It's about time you write the weapons essay," I can hear Katsune's voice in my ear, so I suppose I'd better. Here--let me just take out my knife, run a finger along its edge for a moment, and begin. Look, it's sharp; bright silver, as would be expected, and its leather sheath sits comfortably on my belt.

What is it? we ask, in a feline duo, that makes us like weapons? It is, perhaps, a fairly obvious answer. Teeth are like knives, as are claws. As therianthropes, cats, we should have both. Or perhaps "should" isn't the right word, but you know what I mean. Knives and such are a way to make up for the subconscious need to have a sharp, hard protection.

I, personally, enjoy knives. I like the cold feel of a blade at my side, the gentle, dangerous swish of metal through air. And, as you are well aware, I am a cat in the mental sense of the word. If I could grow claws, I certainly would. When I'm old enough to get away with it, I imagine keeping long nails and clipping them to tapered points.

Which brings us to an interesting point: neko-te. Weapons traditionally used by the female ninja known as kunoichi, their name is Japanese for "cat claws." Neko-te are iron claws fastened onto leather bands, which are worn like rings on the fingers. They were used for slashing after being dipped in poison. Though I have no intense wish to slash anyone, except in extreme territory cases and instances of stupidity, someday I should like to wear neko-te. Just as a little feline reminder. (There are also two other types of claw-weapons, called shuko and ashiko. The former is a glove-like wristband with steel claws attached to it, the latter is a kind of foot spikes.)

Anyway, I'm sure you've had fun learning about ninja weapons, but now I'd like to address something a bit more serious, and that is guns. Guns exist too, as I have not made particularly clear. But they don't resonate with me. Though extremely useful to own, and to carry around, they don't quite have an animalistic tone. So, although weapons with blades can be used to initiate a predator's mode of behavior, guns don't do the same thing. Handy weapons, though.

So that's that. Blades equal claws/teeth in a different, more human, sort of way. Interesting, no?

N.B.: This was written as a collaboration with Katsune. I am not stealing from my own hostee.


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