leopard photograph


snow leopard photograph


Please read our notice for clarification.

Absurdism.org hosts two websites, each maintained by a different person. Katsune is a snow leopard and maintains Spotted Fur. Quil is a leopard, runs Absurdism, and owns the domain as a whole. Although we provide our email contacts freely, we're not much interested in hearing your life stories or threats. We are exactly who we say we are; a couple of young felines, synesthetes, polytheists, writers. We are not like most so-called therianthropes, and not like most so-called pagans. Deal with it.

Think before you act, and enter these spaces with caution. Read our content for what it is, instead of twisting it. If you convince yourself that none of the rant essays apply to you, there'd better be a good reason. Swearing abounds. Strong opinions are rife.

This is most definitely our territory.

(Photographs have been taken from stock.XCHNG, Microsoft Clip Organizer, and thebigcats.com -- we give credit where credit is due.)

The absurdism.org network also includes two other sites.

The first is Miwu, a collaborative website. Read around for a bit, or submit your own work. We welcome heartfelt, historically accurate contributions that relate to the cat-gods of Ancient Egypt.

The second is Adamantine, an archive of 100x100 LiveJournal icons, still and animated, made by Quil. Yanking is fully encouraged; credit is optional, but well-received. Take a few.