Why We're Big, Scary Animals

It's not delusions of grandeur. Written 7.17.05.

God, if I see one more pagan whining that "otherkin are all powerful animals" I swear I'll hit them over the head with a heavy paw a shovel.

Animals like big cats and wolves are smart. An orca is more intelligent than a cow. Wouldn't it make sense that humans, intelligent as well, would most naturally have behavior patterns that fit such animals? Imagine shifting to a worm. It hasn't got a brain. Homo sapiens isn't similar to a worm in most aspects. Hell, a human is a big, powerful animal, and don't most people claim to be one of those?

To describe oneself as an eight-winged cyberdragon is patently silly. Fine. Agreed. However, to be a normal predator animal is also supposed to be stupid—just as bad as those "friggin' otherkin." Dunno about you, but I haven't seen any concrete, factual information on cyberdragons lately. I have seen such information on leopards and bears.

"But there are no were-bugs! No herbivores! You guys just want to be special!"

I know of minks and skunks and an earwig. I know of tapirs and moles and mice and goats. Yes, they are out there. Yes, they are real. And yes, there is a higher population of panthers than llamas. Undoubtedly the posers and the idiots are more likely to choose a scary animal. But not all scary animals are idiots.

I'm a leopard. Big deal. I didn't choose to be a carnivore, I didn't choose to have a freaky mystical image. I am deeply disappointed by the shitloads of p4nth3rz out there. What happened when I spent hours of research and agonizing doubt? Well, I looked at myself and saw leopard in there, and whether it's stupid or not it's still inside me. Cat has always been inside me. And for hell's sake, does it MATTER whether I'm just a very catlike human?

As long as I'm happy with myself and don't harm anyone, it's no business of other people's what I define myself as.

So quit saying that if we were real, we'd be were-slugs and were-protists. Stop feeling guilty that you're an animal with talons or claws. It's no one's fault but that of the human brain.

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